Best Places to Visit in Klawock, Alaska

If you’re a nature lover, there are many things to do in Klawock. You can hike or kayak, take a tour, or even see some of the native wildlife. Whatever you choose to do, you’re sure to enjoy your stay in this charming town.

Natural habitats

If you want to learn more about the ancient peoples of Eastern Europe, you should visit the Archeological Museum of Krakow. This museum, which is over 150 years old, was originally a 14th-century fortress. Today, it contains exhibits about the lives and cultures of people from different parts of Eastern Europe.

Among the best places to visit in Krakow are the natural habitats. In this city, you can see a lot of trees and other plants. You can also visit the Krak’s Mound, which is a large hill located near the city. If you’re into natural environments, it would be a good idea to spend time hiking or biking around this natural attraction.

You can also visit the Skotniki region, which is located between the Pychowice and Kostrze localities. This area is home to picturesque meadows that are surrounded by limestone hills. Many papers have been written about this region’s unique landscape and human impact.

You can also visit the High Tatra mountain range, which is located in southern Poland and stretches over the border with Slovakia. This area is home to hundreds of miles of hiking trails, waterfalls, and underground cave systems. You can see a variety of wildlife here, including rare birds and animals.

Historic landmarks

The city of Klawock, Alaska, is located on the west coast of Prince of Wales Island. The town is at the intersection of two paved Scenic Byways that travel south to Craig, east to Hollis, and north to the northern half of the island. The city has a population of approximately 755 and is ninety kilometres from Ketchikan. The town also has the largest employee-owned sawmill and the only airport on the island. It is also home to a deepwater port that can load large ships.

Tourists visiting Klawock will find several historic landmarks. The harbor is popular for boat trips, which are an excellent way to explore the area. The town also has a totem park with 21 totem poles. Visitors can view both replica and original totems. The city has also commissioned the construction of the Gaani Ax Adi Long House.

Totem poles

Klawock’s totem pole carvings are among the top places to see in the area. The town is on Prince of Wales Island. Jonathan Rowan, a former Marine, enlisted local students to help revive the tradition of carving totem poles 22 years ago. You can visit his shop in Hydaburg, which is bustling with activity.

The village of Klawock has not yet launched a formal repatriation process to bring back the pole. However, the law allows the village to bring the pole back to its native land if it so desires. The Klawock Cooperative Association might pursue this option.

The town has more than 20 totem poles. You can see four of the most recent works at the Veterans Memorial Totem Park. These totems represent the five branches of the military. The park contains historic symbolism as well. Those who love to visit Klawock’s totem poles will want to make sure to visit the park.

Totem Bight State Historical Park is another interesting place to visit. There are fourteen Native American totem poles here, as well as a Clan House. You can even take a short walk through the rainforest or visit the visitor center. This park is located right next to Potlatch Park, where you can also see totem poles and several smaller houses with beautiful carved panels. There are also a number of museums, including an antique car museum and a firearm museum. The park charges no entrance fee, and there is no need to pay for a tour.

The University of Alaska Professor of Anthropology Steve Langdon led the project to repatriate the totem pole. He enlisted the support of Alaska Airlines, Matson, and the National Park Service to fund the project.


Kayaking in Klawock is a great way to see the beautiful nature surrounding the town. You can kayak around the surrounding islands and into the Klawock River, which offers breathtaking views. You can also explore the area on foot by hiking through the Tongass National Forest. The forest is home to many animals, including Sitka black-tailed deer and great blue herons. There is even the occasional black bear that is often seen foraging in the forest.

If you’re interested in kayaking in Klawock, Alaska, you’ll want to sign up for a charter tour. These tours can take you to Eagle Island and Clover Island, where you can see bald eagles. They’ll also teach you about the history of the area and point out places where you can spot seals and jump salmon. Some of the trips also take you through Haines.

The area is also rich in wildlife, making this a great place to go whale watching. The area around Herring Cove also offers many waterfalls and coves. California Head is another interesting area to explore. You’ll also find Gem Cove, which is a saltwater lagoon. While it runs dry on low tide, you can paddle in it at mid to high tide.

A typical kayaking trip lasts a half-day and includes a primer on paddling techniques. The trips can also include hiking and lunch on shore. You can also sign up for longer trips that can include overnight camping on a private boat.


If you’re interested in exploring the natural beauty of the region, hiking is a great way to see Krakow’s scenic landscape. You can explore the beautiful limestone karsts in the Ojcow National Park. The area’s limestone karsts are famous for their dramatic rock formations.

There are several hiking trails in the area. The Bielany Vineyard produces locally grown Pinot Gris. You can also take a cruise along the river by taking the Krakow water tram. And don’t forget to stop by Tyniec Abbey, an ancient monastery with a restaurant that serves delicious Polish cuisine.

Another great activity for outdoor enthusiasts is hiking in the nearby Tatra Mountains. This town is less than an hour’s drive from Krakow, but you’ll get to see some breathtaking views from the top. You can also taste oscypek cheese and take a funicular ride up Mount Gubalowka, which is a beautiful peak. Afterwards, you can walk to the beautiful Morskie Oko, a lake similar to Lago di Braises in Italy.

You can also go hiking along the historic defensive walls of Krakow. These walls are 2.5 miles long and feature the Wawel Castle, old gates, sculptures of famous Poles, and greenery. The route is perfect for a romantic stroll with your partner.


The city of Klawock is located on the west coast of Prince of Wales Island. The town was historically a fishing village for the Tlingit people and is now a modern tourist destination. There are several places to visit in Klawock for wildlife. The easiest and most accessible is the totem park, which is a small park set up on a hill overlooking the harbor. You can also take a tour of the local salmon hatchery to learn more about the local salmon population.

The city has a long history linked to the fishing industry, with the first cannery in Alaska being built in Klawock. Other sources of income for the community include the sawmill and logging operations. The town is also well connected to other communities in Prince of Wales by an extensive road system. The town is also connected to a main island access route, which makes it easier for visitors to take advantage of the area’s many natural resources.

If you’re looking for a unique Alaska vacation, this town may be the place for you. The community is relatively small, with less than 1,000 residents, but it’s still packed with wildlife. The town is set to welcome its first cruise ship in 2023, and there is a great opportunity to view the many animals that live there.

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