Facebook Messenger Bots For Business

If you’re using Facebook Messenger for business, you may have noticed that there are plenty of bots available for you to use. You can get them from a variety of different places. These include Chatfuel, Rogers Wireless, Kayak, and 1-800-Flowers.


Using a Facebook messenger bot is a great way to connect with customers in real-time. With a personalised approach to customer service, you can easily engage with your customers and improve conversions. A bot will also help you measure performance. This means you can see how many leads are being converted to sales.

Getting started with a Facebook Messenger bot isn’t hard. Kayak’s bot is already available in the US and UK. They can answer simple questions, such as “What is the best time to travel?” and “What hotels are near the airport?”

If you have a diversified product line, using a Kayak Facebook Messenger bot can make sense. Not only does it allow your customers to find the perfect hotel or flight, but it also makes the entire booking process easier.

The Kayak bot isn’t the only example of a Facebook Messenger bot. Other online travel sites have launched bots to make life easier for their users. These include Skyscanner, Expedia, and Cheapflights.

Rogers Wireless

For a Canadian telecom company, the telecommunications behemoth is not short on innovation. From its slick web portal to its oh so sleek mobile app, Rogers has plenty of ways to keep its customers happy and connected. With a bevy of mobile gizmos, it’s no wonder it’s one of the fastest growing telecommunications providers in North America. The company has even nailed down its customers with a streamlined billing process and an industry leading mobile network. In fact, a whopping 92 percent of Rogers subscribers use mobile devices. It’s no wonder the company has garnered the top spot for Canada’s mobile wireless provider for over a decade. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the company has also rolled out a slew of customer service perks. Among them is a Facebook Messenger-like experience allowing customers to log on to the social network with the click of a button. A customer support concierge is also on hand to provide assistance to customers via chat, email or mobile phone.


The 1-800-Flowers bot is one of the first commerce chatbots on the Facebook Messenger Platform. It’s also one of the most popular.

In an effort to provide customers with the best experience, the company is using a variety of AI tools. They include the new 1-800-Flowers Chatbot, a Watson program called Gwyn, and an online concierge service from IBM.

These new tools are designed to enhance the shopping experience. The bot is able to respond to questions and provide suggestions for products. Once an order is placed, the recipient receives a notification. If there are any issues, the bot can also contact a live agent to resolve the issue.

Additionally, the 1-800-Flowers chatbot allows users to schedule delivery times. It can also send gift reminders and offer tracking updates. Customers can browse through a variety of flower arrangements and select a product.

Currently, the 1-800-Flowers Messenger Bot is available to 900 million Facebook users. It has a high engagement rate and has helped the company increase revenue by 8%.


Chatfuel is one of the best chatbot platforms available for Facebook Messenger. It is designed to help you automate customer support and generate sales. By using artificial intelligence (AI), you can build a sophisticated bot with little to no programming knowledge.

The platform provides a range of templates to meet any business’s needs. You can choose from a variety of industry-specific themes, including eCommerce, travel, and appointment scheduling. This allows you to quickly create a bot that can engage your audience and answer advanced questions.

Chatfuel also includes an AI component, which watches for certain keywords and responds with appropriate responses. While it is not as powerful as some other software, it is an excellent option if you are looking to create a bot that can interact with your customers in a natural way.

Chatfuel offers an intuitive user interface that allows you to navigate easily. You can test your bot in Messenger and use a tutorial to learn more about the program.

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