Places to Visit in Radcliff, Kentucky

Radcliff is a home rule-class city in Hardin County, Kentucky. Its population was 21,692 at the 2010 census. The city is part of the Elizabethtown-Fort Knox Metropolitan Area. Listed below are some places to visit in Radcliff.

Boundary Oak Distillery

The Boundary Oak Distillery LLC is a premier distillery in Radcliff, KY. The distillery uses limestone water from the knobs of central Kentucky to create its spirits. The water is naturally filtered, which makes the process more environmentally friendly and helps produce a more complex drink.

The name of the distillery comes from a large oak tree on the owner’s farm. The distillery started on the farm and then moved into a large facility in the city of Radcliff, which has plenty of parking. A nearby hotel offers room accommodations for visitors.

The Boundary Oak Distillery produces several spirits. One is named Cinnful 69, which is a 69-proof bourbon made from 100% cane spirits. Another is called Blackhorse, which pays tribute to the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment. It was founded in 1969 and incorporated the following year. Both are crafted in small batches and contain 100% cane sugar.

Tioga Falls Hiking Trail

If you’re looking for a great hiking trail in Radcliff, Kentucky, you may want to try the Tioga Falls Hiking Trail. This trail is a mile-long, paved trail that begins under a railroad bridge. The trail then climbs steadily uphill for about one mile and ends at a gate leading into the Ft. Knox military base. At the end of the trail, you can view Siebot Cave and Dripping Springs.

There are a few different ways to access Tioga Falls. You can visit the town’s website to learn more about the trail and to see photos of this waterfall. Alternatively, you can contact local photographers Nathan Pentecost and Joan Judah for more information.

Tioga Falls is an awesome waterfall near Louisville, KY. The waterfall is best viewed during the spring season and after a good rain. The hike starts at the parking lot below a train trestle and continues along the trail, which connects with the nearby Bridges of the Past trail. Afterwards, it’s a two-mile out and back hike through the woods. Just make sure to check the trail’s opening and closing dates before beginning your trip.

If you’re looking for a hiking trail in Radcliff, Kentucky, you may want to consider hiking the Tioga Falls Historical Nature Trail. This two-mile trail follows the old wagon roadbed and crosses a railroad track. You’ll also pass the site of an old German settlement. The trail then descends to Tioga Falls. You’ll see old stagecoaches, stone road work, and spring houses, as well as many interesting features along the way.

This hiking trail is not handicap accessible and can be a little strenuous at times. The trail crosses several streams, including a stream near the base of the falls. You can find plenty of shade along the way, but you won’t find any benches or pavilions. So, you’ll need to bring portable seating if you plan to stop and enjoy the view.

Fort Knox

Fort Knox is a place to visit in the Richmond, Kentucky area. If you love visiting historical sites, this military museum will surely keep your interest. Fort Knox is about 40 minutes away from the city. During your visit to Fort Knox, you can also visit the nearby Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. This museum is home to the world’s largest baseball bat. You can also visit the Louisville Slugger Cavern, which offers the world’s only underground zipline adventure tour and a ropes challenge course. Another highlight is the bike park.

Fort Knox is also known for its water park, which attracts thousands of visitors every week during summertime. You’ll find a number of water slides and pools here, as well as areas for picnicking and snacking. The atmosphere at Fort Knox is relaxed and resort-like.

Fort Knox is also close to Elizabethtown. Here, you can see restored and vintage cars. If you are a car enthusiast, this museum is a must-see. You can also try your hand at fishing in the creek, or play a round of Frisbee golf in the nearby park.

The campus of Eastern Kentucky University is also an interesting place to visit in Richmond. Besides being home to the area’s premier performing arts venue, it has a replica of the Daniel Boone settlement. This site is said to be the exact spot where Daniel Boone crossed the Kentucky River 250 years ago. The site is also home to the Hummel Planetarium, which opened in 1988. It features pre-recorded shows as well as live Star Talk presentations.

The Battle of Richmond is another place to visit in Richmond, Kentucky. There are 2.5 miles of trails here, and you can also visit the 1824 Pleasant View mansion that served as a hospital during the battle. The historic site is also home to a Civil War reenactment and a Native American pow-wow in September.

The Central Commercial District of Richmond is a historic district with 60 contributing buildings, including the Madison County Courthouse, which was completed in 1849. The courthouse is still the seat of local government, and the Main Street is lined with historical markers and information signs. In addition, the downtown Richmond area has a lively college vibe, with a vibrant roster of bars and restaurants, as well as local stores for clothing and antiques.

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