Places to Visit in Radcliff, Kentucky

Radcliff, Kentucky, is a home rule-class city in Hardin County. It has a population of 22,914 as of the 2019 census, and is a part of the Elizabethtown–Fort Knox Metropolitan Area. The area is home to several notable attractions, including Red Hill Cutlery, Boundary Oak Distillery, Fort Knox Water Park, and Tioga Falls Hiking Trail.

Boundary Oak Distillery

Boundary Oak Distillery LLC is the premier distillery in Radcliff, Kentucky. The company uses limestone water from central Kentucky’s knobs to produce spirits. The limestone water is a natural spring. It is the perfect medium for distilling spirits. Moreover, it’s free of chemicals and pesticides.

The distillery is located on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and has made inroads with consumers. The distillery distributes its products to 19 states and has 10 different product lines. Some of the products sold at the distillery include Lincoln Straight Bourbon, Patton Armored Diesel, Kentucky Moonshine, and many others. The company has also created commemorative lines. These are primarily targeted at military retirees.

Boundary Oak is located near Interstate 65 and Ky. 313. The distillery is easily accessible by car. Distillery Trail has rated Boundary Oak Distillery as one of the best facilities in the United States. The distillery has a tour available for visitors.

Red Hill Cutlery

Radcliff, Kentucky, is a diverse community that boasts a wealth of cultural and natural resources. It attracts thousands of visitors every year from all over the world. The city’s southern charm and military history make it a wonderful destination for a visit. The area is also home to Fort Knox, a U.S. Army base that holds a significant portion of the nation’s gold reserves.

The Basham family was planning to build a new location for Red Hill Cutlery, which would also serve as the American Pocketknife Museum. As part of the plans, the family wanted to create the world’s largest rocking chair. However, Jason Basham suggested a project that was more in line with the company’s products. This allowed the family to seek out organizations that were willing to invest in the project. As part of their plan, the family gathered inspiration from a Barlow pattern pocketknife that is part of Lonnie’s personal collection. In addition, the case manufacturer W.R. Case & Sons granted the Basham family permission to enlarge this traditional design.

Red Hill Cutlery is family owned and operated and features a world-class knife showroom. It is also the largest dealer of American pocketknives in the state. The store also has a museum of pocketknives that showcases 100 years of knife history. The store is managed by Lonnie and Kim Basham’s sons, Jason and Josh.

Tioga Falls Hiking Trail

The Tioga Falls Hiking Trail is a short, two-mile loop that begins at a train trestle and gradually ascends. You can also see Dripping Springs and Siebot Cave, which are a short walk away. The trail is accessible year-round, but it is closed for large military exercises during the winter months.

To hike to Tioga Falls, you’ll need to know the trail’s current conditions. During rainstorms, the waterfall is at its most spectacular. Springtime is the best time to experience the spring flowers, while summer is the best time to enjoy the fall foliage. But regardless of season, if you want to take a dip in the water, make sure you wear appropriate clothing and shoes.

The trail is well-maintained, but it can be a little strenuous. It has a steep hill and elevation changes. Despite this, the trail is easy to hike. After crossing two streams at the bottom, you will eventually reach the base of the falls. Kids love the trail because they can get their shoes off and scamper around the area. However, the trail is not wheelchair accessible.

For those looking for a more scenic route, you may want to take the Old Wagon Trail. It follows the same path used by wagons 150 years ago, and you can expect to see beautiful elevations and commanding views. At the end of the trail, you’ll reach a multi-tiered waterfall that is even more breathtaking during the winter.

Fort Knox Water Park

The Fort Knox Water Park is a great place to cool off during the hot summer months. Located behind the Devers Middle School and Teen Center, this attraction offers a wide variety of water slides and sprays. No matter your age or physical fitness level, you’ll find something to enjoy.

For families with young children, the park offers a kiddie play area and a wading pool. The park also has a 50-foot water slide and a 40-foot body slide. The park also features a children’s activity pool and a lazy river. Guests can also rent a private cabana for $50 per day.

If you’re looking for a cultural experience, Richmond’s Eastern Kentucky University campus is a good choice. This college town is home to the top performing arts venue in the region. If you’re interested in history, Richmond also has the famous Daniel Boone settlement replica. It’s said that rubbing the statue’s left foot will bring you good luck. You can also check out the Hummel Planetarium, which opened in 1988. The planetarium offers pre-recorded shows and live Star Talk presentations.

Kentucky’s summers are characterized by humidity and low temperatures. The humid, hot weather can be oppressive, so waterparks are the perfect place to cool off and beat the heat. And with a variety of attractions and activities, it’s hard to go wrong.

Fort Knox

If you are looking for a historical place in Kentucky, Fort Knox is a great place to visit. It has so much to offer history lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you are interested in the history of slavery or you’re simply interested in seeing the beautiful architecture, Fort Knox is a place you can’t miss.

The grounds of Fort Knox are home to over 65,000 acres. Hunting and fishing are permitted onsite, but you’ll need to register and obtain proper permits to participate. The Fort Knox Hunt Control Office regulates the rules. If you’re looking to stay active, Fort Knox has a recreational center with golf, tennis, soccer, and volleyball.

Fort Knox is a popular destination for field trips. If you’re planning a field trip to Kentucky, make sure you plan to visit Fort Knox. It is located near the Ohio River and offers many opportunities to get active while learning. The park is a great place to get some fresh air, too.

The grounds are also home to the Cassius Marcellus Clay Museum. The museum is a large, historic building, built in 1811. Inside, you can view a topographical map of the battle and see preserved soldier’s gear. You can also see artifacts and other memorabilia from the Civil War era.

Fort Knox Museum of American Pocketknives

The Fort Knox Museum of American Pocketknives is one of the largest collections in the world. Located in Radcliff, Kentucky, it showcases the history of this historically significant piece of American history. The museum is sponsored by WR Case & Sons Cutlery and the Basham family of Red Hill Cutlery. Visitors can also view a giant model of a pocketknife, known as the Case XX Barlow.

In September 2018, the state legislature of Kentucky designated Radcliff as the Knife Capital of Kentucky. After much work, local businesses and government leaders secured the designation. Today, Red Hill Cutlery is the largest knife dealer in the state and operates a gift shop for the Patton Museum.

Red Hill Cutlery is a locally owned and operated business in Radcliff. In addition to offering a great selection of knives and accessories, S&B hosts various tournaments. If you’re into playing games, S&B also has a great selection of board and card games. They also have games for Magic: The Gathering and Keyforge. The store is located across from Cheap Treasures.

Near Fort Knox, you can also visit the Kentucky 9/11 Memorial and the General George Patton Museum. These museums are a short drive away. Located at 2501 N. Dixie Blvd. in Radcliff, Kentucky, Fort Knox is a wonderful place to visit during your trip to this region.

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