The Different Types of Entertainment News

Entertainment News is any type of journalism that centers around the entertainment industry. This includes television, music journalism, video game journalism, and celebrity coverage.

The purpose of journalism is to provide information to the public about arising issues in society. However, it is also expected that media professionals uphold certain ethics and values.


Music is another form of entertainment that has its own share of news. Like movies and TV shows, music also benefits from social media where people can easily share what they listen to or watch with their friends. In fact, a survey by THR showed that 70% of respondents listen to an artist based on the recommendation of a friend. This is one reason why musicians and their labels must step up their game when it comes to promoting themselves through frictionless sharing apps such as Spotify or by publicly declaring their support for their artists through Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

Music journalism is about criticizing music as it is relayed to the public through reporting, holding discussions and carrying out evaluation. It is a part of the entertainment industry that includes video game journalism, celebrity coverage and film criticism. In this regard, entertainment journalists should always bear in mind the ethics of the industry. The aim of journalism is to provide information to the public about arising issues in the society. These information should be presented in an objective manner without undermining ethical values such as privacy, trustworthiness, restraint from causing harm among others. However, there have been cases where the entertainment journalism seemed to undermine these standards. This paper seeks to establish whether or not there are indeed ethics in the entertainment journalism. This will be done by considering how personalities are covered in the articles and by evaluating the underlying issues. The underlying issues will be the questions on whether or not the entertainment journalism tends to violate the ethical values of the industry.


Television is a common part of many homes and businesses in America. It is one of the few inventions that have influenced the lives of Americans in a large way, and it affects how people view themselves and others. It also influences the way that government operates. Television coverage of the White House and Congress helps to keep politicians in the public eye and constantly under scrutiny.

During the early years of television, commercial sponsors created most of the programming for television broadcasting. The shows were usually an hour long and featured a variety of entertainment and informational programs. The sponsor’s name would often appear as part of the program title, such as the Texaco Star Theater or Camel News Caravan. Advertisements for the product would also run during the program.

Although it is hard to say how television has affected American society, the impact is evident. Television is a common pastime that cuts across geographic, ethnic class, and cultural boundaries. It is a form of communication that influences young people in developing values and ideas about the world around them, and it has an enormous effect on how they live their lives. It also influences how they think about others, whether they are friends or family, rich or poor, learned or illiterate. It has changed the way that most people spend their free time, and it is a powerful medium for entertainment, information, and advertising.


Sports and entertainment news are not usually viewed as separate entities, but they are both highly influential. As a result, sports media is able to communicate directly with fans and influence their opinions. This is especially true for teams and athletes, who are able to reach out to their followers on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

As a result, sports fans are more engaged with their favorite teams and players than ever before. In addition, many sports organizations are using their influence to raise awareness about social justice issues. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to subside, sports are once again regaining popularity as a way to connect with fans and foster a sense of community.

There have been a number of cases and incidents that seem to undermine ethical values in the entertainment industry. This has in turn affected journalism in general. The main objective of journalism is to provide information about arising issues in society and this should be achieved without jeopardizing the integrity of the profession.

Hence, the aim of this paper is to examine the ethics of the entertainment industry and identify issues that may be affecting the same. This will be done by examining a number of articles about different personalities in the industry. The reviews of these articles will be compared to discuss whether they comply with the ethical standards of the journalism profession or not.

It has been noticed that some of the reviewed articles are influenced by the personal interests and attitude of the journalists. For instance, a review on the article about Charlie Sheen found that the author of the article displayed a lot of personalized negativity against the celebrity which is considered a breach of the journalist’s ethical duties. On the other hand, the review on the article about Lindsay Lohan showed no such biases and followed the journalist’s ethical duties to a large extent.

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