Things to Do in Minot, North Dakota

Whether you’re a history buff, a wildlife enthusiast, or just want to see some great scenery, you’ll find a great deal of things to do in Minot, North Dakota. Minot is home to the Minot Air Force Base, and you can explore its aviation history at the Dakota Territory Air Museum. If you’d like to see some animals up close, check out the Roosevelt Park Zoo on the banks of the Souris River. It features bears, big cats, and various birds. You can also explore the Scandinavian Heritage Park, which honors the history of Scandinavian immigrants to the area.


There are many things to do in Minot, North Dakota. The city is home to the Minot Air Force Base, where you can learn about the area’s aviation history at the Dakota Territory Air Museum. There’s also the Roosevelt Park Zoo, located on the banks of the Souris River. Here you’ll find bears, big cats, and a variety of birds. You can also explore the city’s Scandinavian heritage by visiting Scandinavian Heritage Park.

If you love to hike or bike, head out onto the Woodland Trail, a well-maintained trail outside the city. In winter, the trail is also used by cross-country skiers. This scenic route runs along the Souris River and Highway 83. It’s a great place to spend some time hiking and seeing wildlife.

For those interested in art and history, Minot has several museums. The Taube Museum of Art, also known as the Minot Art Gallery, has been inspiring locals to appreciate art since it was founded in 1970. The museum features rotating exhibits and often features local artists.

Minot is a charming city located in the Souris River Valley, making it a convenient base to visit many attractions throughout North Dakota. The city also offers a diverse range of fun things to do, from mini-golf to exciting amusement parks. With so many things to do in Minot, you will definitely enjoy your visit.

Minot is home to the Minot Air Force Base, making it a major trading center in the region. It is also the fourth largest city in North Dakota, and its economy is based on the Minot Air Force Base. The city’s location on the banks of the Souris River makes it a beautiful place to visit year round, and the city is home to many animals. You can also visit the Scandinavian Heritage Park, which pays homage to the Scandinavian heritage of the area.

The town is home to several pubs and eateries. One of Minot’s popular drinking spots is Ebeneezer’s Eatery & Irish Pub. There, you can enjoy classic Irish and American plates. You can also enjoy the breakfast served at the restaurant, which is open all day. It is popular for its Fat Frog sandwich, served with Irish Fries.


The Roosevelt Park Zoo is the oldest zoo in North Dakota. It opened in 1921. In the beginning, visitors could see American bison. Today, the zoo features a variety of animals including pandas, lions, and tigers.

During its history, the zoo has had an eventful past. The building was damaged by a flood in 1969, which lasted for over a month. Some animals were moved to local railway stockyards. Another event occurred in early 2007, when a fire gutted the zoo’s barn.

The Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot, North Dakota is free to visit. The zoo is located at 1219 Burdick Expy. E, Minot, ND 58701. The zoo offers a chance to see exotic animals and watch the animals perform their natural behaviors. Besides animals, the zoo’s grounds are beautifully maintained.

The zoo is the oldest zoo in North Dakota. It first opened in 1921 with American bison. Since then, it has been run by the Greater Minot Zoological Society. The zoo is open from May through September. However, the 2011 Souris River Flood and the 1969 flood forced the relocation of some animals.

There are many plans for new exhibits at the zoo. The zoo is divided into two parts. One will feature popular cattle, while the other will focus on different types of animals and cultures. Currently, the zoo features goats and bees. The zo’s goal is to expand the animal population.

The Red River Zoo, situated on 33 acres in Fargo, is home to several endangered species. The zoo’s staff aims to educate the public and promote conservation. Visitors can view animals while walking through the zoo’s rolling hills and streams.

MINOT NORTH DAKOTA’s community museum

Minot, North Dakota’s community museum is dedicated to the arts and culture. The Taube Museum of Art features numerous exhibits throughout the year. You can also visit the Railroad Museum of Minot to learn about the city’s history and the role of the railroad. In addition, the Northwest Art Gallery at Minot State University features juried art exhibits of local and national artists. Volunteers from the community provide extensive support for the Northwest Art Gallery.

The new Minot Discovery Center will feature 12 interactive exhibit galleries centered on STEM and open-ended learning. The museum will also feature a 37-foot-tall representation of North Dakota, as well as a replica wire-frame B-52 aircraft. Visitors will also be able to experience a unique climb from earth to sky with the Magic Climber. Located near the Minot Train Depot, the museum will also showcase historic train engines and railroad history.

Minot is home to a variety of energy development initiatives, including coal extraction, coal gasification, biofuels, and wind. Visitors can examine the impact of these practices on the environment and local communities, and learn about issues related to land reclamation, infrastructure, and regulation. In addition, North Dakota is an emerging leader in biofuel and wind energy development.

Minot is also home to the Minot Air Force Base, where the Fifth Bombing Unit and 96th Missile Unit have their bases. The city is a military friendly community, and has over four thousand residents. In addition to the Minot Air Force Base, Minot is home to the Dakota Territory Air Museum, which displays military memorabilia from past wars.

North Dakota’s State Archives and Historical Research Library is another excellent resource for genealogy research. These collections contain a wealth of information, including books, periodicals, and newsletters. In addition to this, the library’s archives hold newspaper records in the state dating back to the turn of the century. In addition, these collections include newspaper indexes by county and city.

Aside from the museum, Minot also has numerous cultural opportunities. The area is near the Canadian border, and the city welcomes visitors from both nations. The community’s businesses strive to make it as family friendly as possible.


MINOT NORTH DAKOTA is home to the Taube Museum of Art. Previously known as the Minot Art Gallery, this museum was named in honor of Coleman and Lillian Taube. It has an extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, and drawings.

If you love trains, you can visit the Minot Railroad Museum. This museum features a 3/5 scale steam engine, three rail cars, a caboose, and other artifacts from the city’s railroad history. It is open on Saturdays and at various times throughout the week in the summer, and special tours are available.

The Minot Art Museum houses over 700 works of art. The museum also hosts special events and offers day-trips to visitors. The permanent collection includes works by world-renowned wildlife artist Walter Piehl. You can also rent an exhibition space or make a reservation for a private event at the museum.

The Taube Museum of Art is a combination museum and gallery in the downtown area of Minot. Admission is free. The museum was built near a city that would soon be submerged by Lake Sakakawea. The town of New Town was originally a small town near the lake. The area was originally home to the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara tribes.

The Taube Museum of Art opened in 1970. It was previously known as the Minot Art Gallery. It was named after the couple who founded it. The museum has a history of art and is dedicated to local artists. The museum is open throughout the year. A museum is a great way to see Minot’s diverse cultural heritage and arts.

The museum is part of Minot State University. The building houses student and faculty art, as well as regional and national art. Visitors can also check out the gallery’s gallery online through the website. The museum is also home to the POEM Design Co., which was founded on the belief that all people are connected. The museum promotes art through membership, sales, fundraising events, and donations.

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